Escape Plan Part 3: The Ocean

The 3rd part of this blog series finds us driving along the Pacific coast, stopping frequently to perform the following activities: walk around tiny beaches and coves, collect rocks and drift wood, eat, pee and make out, take a million photos and just as many memories. 

About half of the photos in this post have been taken by Ben. We passed the camera back and forth frequently over the day. Basically if I'm in the photo - he took it. We also managed to acquire a couple of images of us together courtesy of a nice family we met at the lighthouse. All photos were taken with a borrowed 16-35mm camera, mostly shot at 16, except for a few portraits that were shot at 35. I am absolutely in love with this lens, and saving for one of my own soon. 


I really love the image above. Probably my favorite one in the series. I'd like to say a few words about the editing process. I don't know how others do it, but I get in a 5 hour trance when I start editing. It is now 2am and I have been working on this batch of 20-ish images for the last 5 hours. I feel like it takes me forever to edit out images, narrow down the selection and settle on the final light exposure adjustment. Some days I go for warmer tones and lighter images, other days I am more attracted to darker and higher-contrasty treatments. I feel like the treatment I apply should be dictated by the subject matter and some predefined color correction rules, but I often end up choosing it based on my mood that day. Good or bad? I don't know... 


Ben is a very talented photographer himself, really good at candid and action shots. We talked about our different styles of shooting: me, being trained on film and having shot a lot of medium format, am more reserved with pressing the shutter, carefully framing first and being a bit stingy with my shots. He, on the other hand, is trigger happy, which enables him to capture spontaneous moments like the one of me above, dancing on the beach. I have to constantly remind myself to be more like that, since with digital you can take as many shots as you want, and pick the best one later. 


Now here's an example of the opposite side of the spectrum, my carefully composed shot and calculated angle, after I told Ben to sit still, so I can climb on some rocks and get the perspective I wanted. 

That open expanse did something to our minds and bodies. It was like an instant high and a desire to roll around in it, run all over it, scream, jump, lie down and be one with it.