Interview with Discovery Seeker Network

Hello everyone! I haven't blogged on my website in almost a whole year, mostly because I published content on other social channels and because I focused my efforts on other areas of my business. Starting today, blogging is back and I will try to do one post every week, to keep you updated with both commissioned work and personal projects. I've been working on a lot of interesting things lately, yet I've lacked the discipline (and let's face it, time primarily) to show them to the world. 

A couple of months ago, the Seeker Network, a new channel launched by Discovery Digital Networks earlier this year to cater to those adventurous at heart, featured some of the photos I took at Babes Rideout last year. They turned the interview into a rad video, which you can watch here. I am honored to be one of the first photographers featured in their series, and very excited to go back to and document Babes Rideout again this year.