Beach Portrait Session with Cristina

Last Sunday my friend Cristina and I went to the beach in the city. It was a last minute decision and we arrived there around 4pm,  just in time for some golden hour photography. We didn't plan to take any photos, but I had my camera with me, and a white dress that I recently purchased for a few dollars at a thrift store.  We took a few snaps for about 30 minutes, all natural light, 50mm lens, wide lens aperture (thus some blurry images), and this is what came out. 


Inner City Exploring with Gritchelle

One of the things I love about learning to get better at making photos is meeting and shooting together with people who have the same passion for the same thing as you do. You feed off each other's energy, time has no meaning anymore, and freezing in the cold at odd hours to get the right shot is expected and understood. Yesterday I had the pleasure to shoot together with Gritchelle, a super talented photographer and graphic designer, avid cyclist, and patient subject of my photo endeavors below. I modified the images in Lightroom, as the grass and trees around us were too vividly green for my taste. So I muted the greens and lowered the contrast a bit. The fog and the trees were already so dramatic, that there was barely need for any other adjustments. 


A Day With Ed Sharpe

Not really, but the title sounded good. One of the perks of my recent anointment as Community Manager at 8tracks is that sometimes I get to go to shows as part of various partnerships and cross-promotions we do with labels and brands. We recently did a giveaway with San Francisco Oysterfest, so they kindly gave us a couple of comp tickets. Now, I'm not a fan of big festivals, but for the right artist I will suffer through the 20 minute lines for ATM, ID-check, beer, food and port-potties. Plus, it's always a good excuse to people-watch, make "in-line" acquaintances, and snap some photos. 

This year's festival had a great lineup, including Poolside and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. I elbowed my way to the front row for the Ed Sharpe performance and it did not disappoint. Here are some of the photos I took: 

In terms of gear, I only had my 50mm 1.4 L lens, so no flexibility at all in terms of zooming in or zeroing out distracting background. I had to be in the front, it was the only way to get some decent closeup shots. 


The stage seen from the little hill at the back of the Sharon meadow, with the iconic San Francisco Sutro tower in the background. I decided to edit some of the images in grayscale, as to remove some of the distraction from people's colorful attire, flags, tents and everything else that makes a festival so visually stimulating. 

Ed Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes are one of my favorite artists, and I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I was to be there, so close to them. The ten-plus member group is known for their vibrant live performances, where Alex jumps into the crowd, invites people on the stage, making the whole show a very interactive experience. 

Alex Ebert is my celebrity crush, and somewhat reminding me of the man I am presently in love with. Magnetic eyes, intense stare, charismatic and playful, with a Jesus-like appearance.  

The show got more emotional and personal when he invited a girl from the audience to sing a duet of "Life is Hard" with him on the stage. I don't remember her name, but she had an amazing voice, so Alex asked her to stick around and do another song with him. 

He is looking straight into my camera!! Total babe, this one. 

When time came to sing "Home" he also asked a boy from the audience up on the stage. The girl next to me wanted to go up too, so Alex made them Rochambo the winner. The boy won, and he was the happiest person I've ever seen in my life. Even I started crying seeing so much happiness. 


The 3 of them sang "Home" together. At the end I gave my card to the boy (his name is Dashiell) and sadly I couldn't find the girl anymore - as I wanted them to see these photos of their special moment.